Our mind has vast incredible potential.

If on a clear night you gaze at the sky –  it fills the mind with wonder…the vastness of the world & the universe in which we live.

How about if we gaze inside our mind, what do we see?

Our mind has no boundaries – meditation is the method of discovering this.

All the ritual, chanting and mantras that are often used in Meditative traditions are to guide us to this experience.  To free the mind.

The early explorers whose journeys were filled drama and wonder had the courage to travel to new lands and sail across uncharted waters to broaden their own and others horizons.
Although external travel can expand our mind it does not broaden our experience as much as changing our mind in Meditation.

Wherever we travel and journey to, we have no choice but to take our mind with us. Our mind does not automatically change as result of changing our surroundings. It may do temporarily – however to radically change the mind we need to look within.

The world of Science and Religion keeps our world safe and provides us with a security and comfort to fall back on. Science with its restriction on only believing that which can be tested and measured with physical apparatus & religion with its mental belief systems.

As Meditators we can choose to practice and be supported within such institutions – or we can set out on an open voyage of discovery without imposed external restrictions; in search of the vast, new peaceful lands waiting to be discovered within.

Article written by Adam Dacey

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