Meditation is an extraordinarily normal activity.

Yesterday a group gathered in Central London to look at how we can bring Meditation practice to children within schools

When we first learn to Meditate usually the intention is to reduce stress and take a break from the fast pace of their life. Meditation can initially be a way of helping ones self to be a little more peaceful. Practice can go no further than this…a little respite from the stresses of modern life.

For children to benefit from Meditation there has to be a special intention within the minds of people in our society who practice Meditation. Cultivate a wish to bring peace into the lives of others, a slight shift in the mind and a gentle confidence in the profound effects of Meditation.

Quite soon after I learned to Meditate I passed on the technique to my friends and family.? Its natural; like passing on a good book, recipe or engaging film.? After a few months I was asked to guide a Meditation in a public setting. So as I was studying Meditation practice I was also passing it onto others thereby deepening my experience.

For school teachers we have created an empowering resource: ‘5 Minutes to a Calmer Classroom. This tool reveals how you can bring Meditation practices to your school. It doesn’t require the teacher to guide a Meditation, simply to facilitate the process with the assistance of online tools. Thus the resource offers schools the chance to share Scientifically proven Meditation techniques with their students.

For schools to really benefit from the practice of Meditation it depends on the teachers having the space of mind to look & think outside their usual routine & to appreciate that Meditation is an extraordinarily normal activity.

Through sharing a Meditation technique with a child we are offering the gift of peace to their future.

Next Meditation in Schools event.

Article written by Adam Dacey

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