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I hope this news finds you well, happy & peaceful 🙂

Some news which may be of interest to you –

Learn How to Meditate in 14 Days

The next 14 Day Meditation Challenge starts tomorrow!

There is still time (anytime today) to register, simple send an email to Mind Space with the subject ’14 Day Meditation’ & you will be signed up to the challenge. Receiving a Guided Meditation each morning in your Inbox taking you through a series of Guided Meditations laying the perfect foundation for peace and stillness in your mind. Take the opportunity during October to learn the Art of Meditation.

Meditation in Schools Project

If you are a teacher in a school, work with children or are a parent you may be interested in the following events taking place during October. Click on the event for more details.

Meditation in Schools Meet Up in Central London

Meditation in Schools Meet Up in Clifton, Bristol

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