In the Meditation Classes that I am teaching this week we are looking at special methods for reducing stress.

I try to encourage at the outset setting a positive intention.

Usually when somebody enquiries about a Meditation Class they do so as they are interested in finding a little peace of mind. Of course Meditation can help us accomplish this, however if we want to empower our Meditations and make them more meaningful its important to look at our intention.

When we sit down to Meditate to check our intention – and then to try to establish an intention like this:

” I am going to train in Meditation to bring peace into my own life & peace into the lives of others ( my friends, family, work colleagues, all those in society/ the world)”

We try to extend our circle as far as possible, if we can to include everyone throughout the world. If we can establish this from the outset then we can be sure that not only are our Meditations bringing benefit to ourself but will be of benefit others. The mind’s that wants others to be at peace and free from suffering are love & compassion. Having these beautiful wishes at the centre of our practice is like a powerful engine and will give it renewed emphasis and focus.

When we think of something powerful, our mind may not be the first thing that arises. Perhaps a nuclear weapon or a space shuttle. However our mind is much more powerful if its energy is harnessed. We know the wind how powerful the wind is to cause destruction, if its energy is gathered it can also create very useful energy.

Our mind can cause destruction in our life if its energy is not harnessed. Meditation gathers the energy within our mind and turns it into something useful for the world.

A question to ask ourself: ‘Is my mind of any use to the world ?’

Bringing love and compassion into the equation starts to make our Meditations more meaningful & powerful.
The effects of our practice start to reach others and they will directly benefit.

Next time we’ll look at the question that was asked in the class last night: ‘But how is this so?’

What do you think?

Article written by Adam Dacey

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