The word mindfulness has been teasing its way into the mainstream.

So what is it and how can we benefit from the practice?

The practice of mindfulness has been practiced for 1000`s of years.
Jon Kabat-Zinn has brought it further into the public eye with his innovative research and clear commentaries.

Mindfulness brings our attention back to its chosen object of meditation.
When we sit down to meditate its important to establish in our mind a chosen object of meditation.
Mindfulness brings our attention back to the object

Take for example the meditation on the mind of love….

Love is an attitude that wishes others to be happy.
We extend the thought and feeling towards others.
To our friends and family to begin with.
Then gradually we extend the feeling to those in our society and then to the whole world.
We try in meditation to hold this experience.

Without mindfulness its impossible…
Mindfulness encourages us to keep this experience in our heart.

In the same way a child holds a ball in their hand, conscious that its there, so we hold this experience.
As soon as we become distracted by something, we bring our attention back to the chosen object.
It’s the presence of mindfulness that encourages us to do this.

Mindfulness brings power and focus to our meditation.
Without it, our mind is like a culinder!
Nothing is retained.

As well as mindfulness assisting us in our meditations we can also practice out of meditation.

When we are eating, walking, cleaning, talking.

All of our daily activities can be integrated into the practice of mindfulness, without too much effort, just a simple intention.

Through practicing we will find our everyday activities are transformed into actions that bring peace into our life.

Wherever you go, there you are.