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Start a Beginners Meditation Class! Reduce Stress, Improve Health, Find Peace

Sitting on chairs you will learn gentle practices to relax the body and mind.
This NEW 7 week course is organized by Mind Space, whose Online Meditations have been practiced by around half a million people. Although grounded in a deep appreciation of the traditions of Meditation, Mind Space has no religious affiliations, the sessions are suitable for everyone.

Classes take place in the following locations and venues:

Smethwick, Birmingham

Weekly Classes starting Tuesday September 4th at 7.30pm
St Albans Community Centre, St Albans Road, B67 7NL
Parking outside the venue. Walking distance from Smethwick Galton Bridge. Bus 87 from City Centre. Bus 80 West Brom. Bus 89, Oldbury.

What Happens in a Class?
Each live class starts at 7.30-8.30pm
Book the whole series – £35.
Book here through Paypal and confirm your place on this popular course.
Or pay as you go for £6 per class.

All classes are suitable for beginners and take place on chairs. ??No need to wear any special clothing .

Each session will include, guided Meditations, teaching, discussion and questions.
Led by Adam Dacey who has a rich experience of teaching & practicing meditation.
Revealing techniques in a down-to-earth, clear manner.

As part of your class you will also have access to an extensive online resource of guided meditations and tutorials.
Contact us for details, questions and booking:

7 Week Course – Class titles:

A 7 week Introductory Course : September – October

On this course you will discover essential techniques to help bring peace, happiness & confidence into your life.

Session 1:An Introduction to Meditation
Session 2:An Introduction to Mindfulness
Session 3:Guided Meditations to Reduce Stress
Session 4:Stay Calm and Carry On
Session 5:Creating a Stress Free Zone
Session 6:Living in the Moment
Session 7:Experiencing Inner Freedom