Mind Space is partnering with Femtinos to offer children a series of fun-filled, well-being activities.

Femtinos are four little aliens from a far away planet who have discovered planet Earth.
They have met Mindful Max and revealed to him the powers of Mind Space.
Join Max in these workshops as he explores the world with his new-found powers!

Benefits for children:

Learn methods for calming the mind

Helps to deal with stress and anxiety

Greater ability to concentrate

Enhance creative thinking

Improve social interactions

Developing team working skills

Increase powers of imagination

While having fun!

Thursday August 30th
10-11am (Ages 5-7)
12-1pm   (Ages 7-9)
Sandwell  (venue t.b.c)

2-3pm (Ages 5-7)
4-5pm  (Ages 7-9)
Sandwell  (venue t.b.c)

Cost for workshop £2 per child.

Contact us for your details.