On Saturday (May 6th) we held the first Feel Good workshop at the Public Art Gallery.

It was a trial session for the series that we are running in the autumn.

We are running the sessions in partnership with The Public Art Gallery, Sandwell Council & Transcendence Yoga.

There is very little in the way of Meditation available in the West Bromwich area so this partnership is a meaningful contribution to the local community.

The Public is a wonderful quirky building listed as one of the 1001 must see building in the worlds!

The aim of the workshop was to offer a simple, powerful technique to bring a feeling of wellness into our lives.

Gaz from Transcendence Yoga began the day with a series of stretches and postures to loosen up our bodies and develop a mindful awareness – these sessions are great and act as a wonderful preparation for Meditation.

As we stated in the workshops Meditation and Yoga are often seen as two separate disciplines.

However combining them like this means that when the we get round to doing the Meditation it’s so much easier for people, as their bodies are relaxed, stretched and supple.

The second part of the session we discussed the times in our life when we have ‘Felt Good’.
The highlights!

The times when we have been at our happiest.

It seems that’s it’s often when we are with other people and sharing love.
This discussion followed on very well to the meditation, which today was a Meditation on love.
Wishing for others to be happy.
The word love and everything that goes with it can confuse and often worry us.
We discussed how love can be simple:

‘To wish for others to be happy.’

We extended this wish to as many people as possible.

Love is a great antidote to unhappiness, anger and irritation.

In the Meditation session we also discussed how we can Meditate for short periods of time and this can be very effective – even 5 minutes in the day can transform our mind & bring peace into our day.

The day’s at the Public fly by – but we had a fun positive morning and there was plenty of time left in the afternoon for everyone to do their shopping and watch the FA CUP final!

Next Feel Good Workshop at the Public Art Gallery is on Saturday 29th September:

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Written by Adam Dacey
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