Google run a dynamic highly subscribed course looking at Meditation, Mindfulness and Creative Thinking entitled ‘Search Inside Yourself.’

It turns out its one of the most popular courses available to their employees.

Why do we need to have meditation practice introduced into the workplace?
For many of us this is where we spend most of our waking hours.

There is an underlying nervousness that pervades the actions of modern life – a speed, a push to be faster, stronger, wealthier. An education system that hardens the heart and sharpens our critical faculties.

It was my birthday a few days ago and after I blew the candles out the son of one of my friends who is 9 years old asked me what I wished for. I replied – ‘peace across the world’

His response: ‘That’s never going to happen!’ It was astonishing that even at the age of 9 our critical facilities are developed in such a way.

Peace is possible – if you believe that your actions have significance.

The founder of the Meditation program at Google, ‘Search inside Yourself’ states his intention for introducing the program is spread peace across the world.

A noble intention, which we can try to emulate.