A few months ago I decided to create a simple tool to help people stay mindful whilst meditating.

Instead of guiding a meditation I simply created a meditation with a few instructions at the beginning and then just silence with a bell chiming (gently) every 5 minutes to remind the meditator to keep mindfulness and awareness.

Guided Meditation is great at the beginning but its important for practitioners to move into the habit of meditating on their own.

There is nothing mysterious about the process of guiding a meditation – its just a case of remembering what the object is.

So the simple meditation with a bell was designed to initiate this process, with the hope that those who were taking the online meditation course would graduate to this next level of meditation with the bell as an aid, to finally not needing any external support and guiding oneself.

Here is the meditation.

A few days after launching this Meditation I had it playing in the background as I was working on my computer. The bell was ringing every 5 minutes. It gave me the idea for the Mindful Bell App.

Why not just have a bell ringing every 10 minutes throughout the day – as your working on the computer. When it rings, pause, take a few breaths, bring yourself into the present moment, stretch a little and resume. This was to be the seed of the Mindful Bell.

Initially the video was uploaded onto YouTube and people could play it there but I felt that it deserved its own site so there would be fewer distractions. A friend said that it reminded them more of an app than a website. So the code was written for a Google Chrome app which is now available.

Then with a team of translators, the app has been translated into several languages.

Why don’t you get involved and help with the translation of the app into a language that you know? There are only 14 lines of text to translate.

Here they are:


welcome to the mindful bell

a gentle reminder every 10 minutes

to bring awareness back to the present moment

have the app playing in the background as you go about your work

when you hear the bell take a few breaths check your intention and carry on


in 10 minutes you will hear the first mindful bell

ok here we go

the mindful bell

why not play again and bring mindfulness into the centre of your life

if you enjoyed share with the people in your life

let us know your experience

thank you for using the mindful bell

So I hope you enjoying bringing gentle mindfulness into your day.

The beauty of this app is in its minimal simplicity.

All the best