Dear friends

Hope you have all had a good week thus far!

Wherever you live in the world if you are the 300,000th person to listen to our meditations on YouTube you will be sent by snail mail a Double Meditation CD with 6′ 15 minute Guided Meditations, a copy of the interactive e-book ‘The Elevator Mind’ and a Chocolate Easter Egg!

Its going to be the early side of this weekend. As soon as you watch let us know its you and your address & you will receive a parcel in the post – be quick though!

We have currently been busy with the help of Echkard and Carla translating the Mind Space Meditations into the & German & Spanish languages. Forward them to anyone you know who speaks the lingo.

Anyone who books for any of our workshops is now entitled to a free 7 Day pass at any DSC gym in the country.
Book and let us know your interested.  
We have a Free Talk coming up  and a new series of classes in various locations around the West Midlands entitled Wake up Smiling– Meditation, Mindfulness & Positive Thinking.Next upcoming Saturday workshop is Sleep Well: An Introduction to Meditation & Yoga at the beautiful Bantock Park

We are working with more and more organizations. Check them out here. offering presentations, training sessions and tools for creating Mind Space with Meditation. So if you work for a company, school, enterprise then consider having an inspirational talk to your staff, students, colleagues and get in touch 🙂

Finally check out the latest articles & research about Meditation here.

Have a beautiful weekend