Yesterday I visited a school in Weston-super-mere introducing Mind Space and offering students and staff a simple, practical meditation technique.

The school contacted Mind Space as the staff felt it would be a good time of year to offer the students a Meditation technique with exams approaching.

For a child growing up in the education system in England there is little or no opportunity for them to learn meditation techniques and practices at school.

Most will never have practiced unless their parents have introduced them. However for teenagers if parents introduce them to a practice its unlikely they will take to it.

I introduced a simple meditation technique that produces a valuable and rich experience.

During today’s session I used the example of food for the mind:

When we start to feed our mind with the food of meditation we gain an experience of inner nourishment.

The natural experience we have is why did someone not tell me about this before?!

Meditation is food for the mind sustaining and strengthening our mind.

One of the reasons why there is not as much interest in the mind and there is in the body is that we cannot see the mind so the process of mental development seems a little more abstract.

Just because we cannot see the mind doesn’t meant that its not there & that its development is unnecessary. Far from it!

Although we many not be able to see the mind we can experience it.

The practice of meditation draws us closer to an appreciation of the way in which our mind works.There are many things that we cannot see but we believe in their existence. Tomorrow for example:

Each group of students at the school had the opportunity to engage in a guided meditation.

We meditated for around 10 minutes with a 20 minute introduction including explanation of technique.

The teachers are always surprised at the way in which students take to meditation and their discipline in being able to sit quiet for that period of time.

Yes it is possible!

Hear for yourself the surprise view of a Deputy Head at the end of a session we ran a few weeks back.

Bring Meditation to your school or workplace contact us today!

Written by Adam Dacey
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