‘I liked that the emphasis on mindfulness not being separate from daily life, not a hobby just a way to go about everyday activities. Good to look at ways we can create mind space.’

‘Hard not to sleep ,whole thing very awakening, obvious, simple.’

‘Good session, is tiring to take the control need more guidance to help me meditate.’

Some of the students completed the following question:

During my busy I create mind space by:

Turning off most of the lights, listening to jazz records and drinking tea _ Sooze

Concentrate on everything I can see in one view and forget everything else
for 1min: Em

I go for a swim: Aldona

Putting on my headphones getting on my bike & surround myself with greenery and looking up at the
sky: Kiran*

Not being hard on oneself due to not meditating

Cooking some really nice food and take some time out: Chris

Play piano or sing whilst playing guitar: Benito

Get up at dawn and do some meditation: Nina

Chat with friends: Kahyen

Put on music and stretch: Elline

Tidy room with music on: Monica

Tell us how you #createmindspace?

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