This week I was invited to deliver a session for the free thinking group ‘Truth Juice’ who hold public events across the country.

They have a group that meets at a pub in Kings Heath, Birmingham and I went along to introduce Mind Space.

When I arrived at the venue it dawned on me that I had never given a talk in pub before & then how well it fitted in with Mind Space’s philosophy to ‘Bring Meditation to New Frontiers’.

A pub is not the kind of place that you would usually associate with Meditation…but why not?

You can Meditate anywhere if you appreciate the depth of Meditation practice and how it is not just an isolated experience

A public house a place where we gather and meet, so why not talk about methods to create mind space and even learn how to practice it there.

This is what we did – two sessions, the first looking at Living Meditation and the second discussing how Meditation can be brought to more children.? Both talks included a guided meditation.

It worked very well 🙂

Written by Adam Dacey
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