A testimonial from a lady undergoing Radiotherapy treatment

Having been diagnosed with primary breast cancer, I had to undergo a course of radiotherapy following surgery.  While this is a  completely painless procedure, the whole experience can be a little daunting for the new patient, not to mention slightly uncomfortable in that the patient has to lie completely still while the “settings” are put in place in preparation for the radiation. So total immobility is key to pin point accuracy for successful radiotherapy. Once the radiation is administered lying so still for what seems a lot longer than it is, can be quite uncomfortable, and in my case I kept hoping I wouldn’t get an urge to scratch an itch or something, so I felt I had to try and detach myself from this train of thought. 

I had seen Mind Space’s web site and listened to the method of  “getting outside” myself in meditation.  While being a total novice at this I tried to follow his instruction and found I could actually do this while lying under the machine. It enabled me to be totally relaxed and able to forget the discomfort of lying on a very hard bed, and no unnecessary thoughts crowded into my mind, such as worrying (unnecessarily) about wanting to scratch imaginary itches! It provided a useful tool in dealing with the process.

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