These 14 Days will go quickly so try to make the most of them – every moment counts!

Try to allocate a time each day when you engage in a meditation session – make it a special time that you look forward to.

Today sees us begin to start engage in Breathing Meditation.

Breathing Meditation is the most widely practiced meditation throughout the world – practiced by millions each day – the below Meditation introduces you to the simple practice so you can gain experience.

Our breath is what keeps us alive – it’s very movement the life-force of our survival.  Something so simple we can easily forget.

Breathing Meditation helps us to simplify our life bringing all our thoughts, attention and energy to one object – winding down our mind and bringing peace into our life.

Enjoy the session – remember also, if you have time and the wish you can engage in the meditation more than once – why not try first thing in the morning and last thing at night?

If you enjoy the Meditation  and wish to download to your computer and then onto a mobile device, iPod etc. Please click on the ‘download here’ on the player below which will take you through to the 14 Day Meditation Challenge Shop where you can purchase.

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