Meditation is proactive and we encourage you to engage in this challenge by listening and practicing the Meditations each day with concentration and sharing your experience via social networks and commenting below.

You can listen to the first guided Meditation of the challenge below.

We recommend listening with headphones. Press F11 if your listening on a PC.
Or CMD,Shift and F if you use a MAC – so the page fills the whole of your screen and distractions are minimized.

Sit comfortably with a relaxed straight back & enjoy.

Simply press play on the player below & stream the Meditation on the internet here.

If you enjoy the Meditation  and wish to download to your computer and then onto a mobile device, iPod etc. Please click on the ‘download here’ on the player below which will take you through to the 14 Day Meditation Challenge Shop where you can purchase.

Please make comments, feedback and share your experience in the comments section on this page.

See you tomorrow at the same time 🙂