Addictions can be all-consuming but there is hope for regaining sobriety, meditation can help provide an individual with a set of powerful tools to conquer their habit.

This article featured on thefix.com shows the journey of Jenna Hollenstein who documents her journey and the meditations she practiced on the road to recovery.

It also begins to show the growing research being revealed around this subject as she states:

‘The benefits of meditation may seem like a a no brainer? to many people in recovery. But can they be satisfactorily demonstrated beyond anecdote?’

The article which can be read here which is a very good read and also provides an essential ‘step by step’ meditation reveals that yes these benefits are starting to be revealed – (check out the latest research by the BBC and read this article for another view on Research and Meditation.)

Dr. Petros Levounis, Director of the Addiction Institute of New York. States  ‘individuals are most successful in recovery when they make Meditation a way of life.’

Written by Adam Dacey
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