Mind Junk – according to the Urban Dictionary:

The condition where you have so much useless concerns, thoughts, and other issues interfering with your ability to think clearly. For example: I can’t get focused on this project with all the mind junk floating around in my head!

Sounds familiar?!

The beginning of the New Year is the time to make a decision that enough is enough.

Meditation is the key to clearing the junk out of the mind.

Living in a house that is full of clutter, junk and mess – it’s not a pleasant experience.

When you go into a space that is clear, clean and junkless there is a certain experience of clarity that washes over you.

It’s the same with the mind if its clear and free of junk then its a pleasant place to reside.

So what would define junk in the mind?

States of mind such as:

Frustration, High Stress, Increased Distraction, High Worry, Haughtiness

These states and mind come and go – it’s better that they just go and don’t come back.

We know how to dejunk our house/room – but how to do this to our mind?

Meditation helps us to clear out the junk from our mind feel refreshed, clear and happy.

We can do this today – right here and right now, try this Simple Meditation in 5 Minutes – just 5 Minutes of your time.

We don’t need to wait for another holiday to have a break.

New Year can be a strange hang-over time – weather getting colder. It seems a long way to the next break. We can change all this with a little shift in the mind.

Read about how to Dejunk the mind here.

Written by Adam Dacey
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