There is a certain joy that arises when we have a clear out.

Letting go of junk and stuff that we don’t need.

I used to work on a farm and the farmer’s wife had two large warehouses full of junk.  Peoples unwanted stuff.  It was incredible to see.
My friend works full-time in a tip everyday he sees mountains of stuff being thrown and crushed.
Walking around Bristol just after Christmas folk had cleared out the Christmas waste and had piled it up outside for collection the following morning.  Piles of junk.

Its funny straight after Christmas there is the surge to consume a bit more for the New Year.
To buy more junk.
Peoples attics are full of junk.
Stuff which was new and glittering becomes unwanted and junk.
At what point does it become junk?

There is a very close relationship between our world and our mind – if there is junk in our mind then there will certainly be junk in the world in which we reside.

So how to dejunk our life?

It would seem obvious we have a clear out – but its strange because the junk comes back and before you know it your having to have another clear out. Why?
The junk is still in the mind and like attracts like.  Junk in the mind is like a magnet which attracts stuff.

If we are not so wealthy then perhaps our junk has less glitter about it – junk is junk – stuff is stuff regardless of whether it was from the pound shop or the Apple Store.

What do we actually need in our life to survive?
Nothing from a High Street in the centre of a city or town.

So why are there always so many people congregating in these areas?!

Dejunking our life begins with taking a good look in the mind and letting go of the junk – the rest will follow naturally.

We don’t have to do anything physical to begin with – just make a few adjustments in the mind – tinker with the projector and then what is projected will begin to transform.

Beginning each morning with wish and intention to let go.

In meditation make this happen –  then simply keep making this happen.

Prior to posting this I Googled the word ‘dejunk’ to see what other thoughts were out there.  An article from one of England biggest papers which stated:
‘clear out the physical clutter and the mental mess will take care of itself.’

This is a common view but as mentioned above the stuff will keep coming back.  Like weeding the garden and not taking the nettles out from the root – they simple grow back.
It’s a materialistic approach to dejunking – this article is offering something a little different…

Written by Adam Dacey
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