In the beginning when we learn to Meditate we need to be guided, but there comes a time when it is important to develop and improve the skill alone.

We can practice Meditation continually – we don’t always need the help of someone else to do this.

The two meditations – 5 & 30 Minutes we have launched this week are an opportunity for you to go alone with your meditation practice.

Much is made of meditation, spoken & written about – there are many layers to the practice – this can be overwhelming and confusing.

Often when we hear about the practice it can be misleading preventing us from establishing a regular practice.

One of the reasons is Meditation is often closely connected to religious practices and spirituality. This is not a bad thing, but it can confuse and prevent people from accessing the benefits of the practice, they can be put off by the jargon, the clique of the religious group or simple its ‘over the top’ mystical presentation.

When we were a child and learned to ride a bike – it was simply a process. We put the time in; with the aid of our parents supporting, until eventually we could cycle off and experience perhaps our first taste of freedom as a child – such joy and exhilaration! Once we have developed this skill then we have it for life – we don’t necessarily cycle everyday or join a club and buy lots of lycra but we have the skill that we can use.

Our Meditation in Schools program is designed to so that we can give children in the early stage of their life the opportunity to life a priceless skill that they can have in their life.

They may practice everyday they may not – doesn’t matter – they have been given an important skill in their kit bag. Meditation can empower an individual to progress and move forward in their life.

Offering a tool which they can use to:
experience peace
overcome stress
protect their minds from depression
reduce mental wandering
keep healthy physically and mentally.

We can be confident that we can practice meditation without somebody guiding us or the need to have music on in the background.

These two Simple Meditations which we are offering this week are building a bridge enabling us to do this.

Written by Adam Dacey
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