Where is the New Year?

Try to find it.

It’s simply a concept.

There is a freshness about something new.

A new relationship, a new book, a new album, a new holiday location…a new year.

Its newness is quite apparent on New Years Day – the freshness can quite quickly evaporate.

In reality each moment is new and fresh.

Everything is changing continuously.  Some change is difficult to see and notice – its taking place all the time.

Like when you receive a friend request on Facebook from someone you went to school with and perhaps haven’t seen them for decades!  Check the photos and you see a person who sometimes in unrecognizable.

Things die and are reborn moment and moment.

The mind can groove in autopilot for periods of time.

A day, week, month, year, decade, life.

Our preferences, likes, dislikes, opinions.

A feeling that there is no change can bring a sense of security. Keeping everything in the same place at home.

Beneath the sense of safety and comfort there is change taking place continuously.

New Year gives us an insight into impermanence beginnings and ends.

We can use this time to embrace change and use it to transform our mind and perspective.

If we wish to change and transform it doesn’t need to take a long time – a single moment gives us an ocean of opportunity.

Feeling stuck is a common state of mind.

Every time we sit still Meditation helps to refresh our mind and encourages us to see the space in each moment.

Meditation can provide us with a new recharged mind every time we sit.

So we can take the New Year as a landmark – an opportunity to see the newness in each moment – however if we are skillful each day can feel like a New Years Day.

Written by Adam Dacey
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