The Horizon Mind

When I lived in Nepal I spent a period of time visiting an English man who was in prison. Residing in Katmandu.  Not the most salubrious of abodes – he shared a cell with around 10 people and the drinking water was from a pond in the middle of the courtyard. He was continuously sick.

He had been sentenced for 25 years as a result of over-staying his welcome.

I was very young at the time and was quite moved by the encounters and the attitude that he showed and conveyed in our conversations.

One of the things that he mentioned that stays with me and words of advice that often arise in my mind when encountering difficult situations.

‘Always keep your mind on the horizon.’

Words that can be trotted off the tongue in a few seconds.

When someone has experience and expresses it through their speech – words take on a power which can reach you deep in the heart.

He was practicing this experience in prison and had the mind space to be able to offer me advice about the path that lay in front of me:

‘Always keep your mind on the horizon.’

He told me these words 18 years ago but they still have an effect on my mind and life.  How kind!

Our speech and actions of generosity can have a profound and far-reaching effect on those around us.

Written by Adam Dacey
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