Sometimes meditation practice can be boring, dull and uneventful.

I remember speaking to a 6-year-old child about meditation asking her what she thought of it – as both of her parents were meditation teachers.

She said why would she want to meditate when she can have fun and enjoy the day and anyhow she sleeps every evening!

Her reply made me laugh.  It’s a common train of thought which prevents folks from practicing.

When you practice meditation you can experience  a variety of emotions – but there is no doubt at some point boredom will set in.

Boredom like anything is a state of mind.

My Mum used to say to me and my sister when we were little ‘ a bored person is a boring person!’

One of the reasons that meditation practice can become boring is that there is no real engine behind the practice.

What is the engine for a meditation practice?

It’s the intention we have when we sit down and meditate.

The first question we need to ask ourself when we start to meditate is  ‘what is my intention?’

What is my intention?

Once we have asked this question – the next step is to transform our intention.

The most powerful intention when we are practicing meditation is to think:

“I am meditating so I can improve all my qualities so I may be able to share peace with everyone throughout the world”

This intention acts as a powerful engine with drives our meditations forward, gives our mind energy and makes meditation an enjoyable and uplifting activity.

Also as a result of having this intention naturally our meditation practice will reach touch people in our life and further afield.

Just viewing Meditation practice as a little ‘me time’ is such a limited intention and will produce meager results.

Actually through practicing meditation you can become more selfish and highly strung about your own peace and calm – this is one of the many pitfalls that we can fall into.

So we can establish and maintain a clear, positive intention at the beginning of our practice – & try to maintain it during the session and then finish with the intention:

“I practiced this meditation so I can improve all my qualities so I will be able to share peace with everyone throughout the world”

Thinking like this will bring a powerful engine to our meditation practice and will driving us forward.

Written by Adam Dacey
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