If you scratch beneath the surface of Meditation – you come to the point where you realize it’s a lifetimes work – a way of life –

It’s easy to have an opinion about Meditation practice without having done any.

So many people miss out on the incredible benefits – brushing it aside as simply wishful thinking or a mild tonic for the brain!

The potential within the mind is infinite. Meditation can radically effect both your mind and consequently your physical health.

It’s beyond intellectual.

This is why is makes little sense to say that you have completed your study.

I engaged in over 10 years of formal study of Buddhist meditation techniques and after that time I’m still just touching the surface.

Part of the process of training is thinking differently about the world in which you live.

Not just thinking  – but to act upon those thoughts.  To bring knowledge from the head into the heart.

When I was at college I studied Philosophy and my world was introduced to the incredible minds of Aristotle and Nietzsche.

For example briefly:

Aristotle stated that happiness is a flourishing of the soul.
Nietzsche stated that things do not exist how they appear.

Brilliant & tantalizing ideas but how to put them into practice?
How to make these ideas effect and change your world?
How to make theories such as these a reality?

Unfortunately I wasn’t told.

It was only when I stumbled across a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas, it was introduced to me that you could take an idea about reality, mix it around in your mind through the power of contemplation, arrive at a conclusion and then focus on that conclusion with single pointed concentration – that’s meditation & will change your mind and change your life.

Much of western philosophy proposes ideas but doesn’t provide you with the tools to integrate them into your life in order to see changes take place.

Meditation & Contemplation
are tools you can bring into your life to help digest and taste ideas, cultivate.

Written by Adam Dacey
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