Technology in itself has no meaning – its how we use it…

Some tools that are invented can be helpful and improve the quality of both our external and internal life.

There is a school of thought which believes that Google is shrinking the brain.
My Maths tutor at school would never allow a calculator to be used. I still remember his words now and resist the temptation when I have some Math to calculate.

When we have a question we can ask Google – especially with reference to knowledge which we haven’t yet acquired – a world-wide library at our fingertips with information we can access in an instant.

Great! but the speed in which we access that information can depreciate the value of the knowledge and reduce our attention span thus reducing the power of our memory.
Perhaps we look something up which we know but just can’t be bothered to think and remember it.

How many phone numbers do you know off by heart?  Now with mobile phone memory sometimes we don’t even know our own number!

There are now millions of apps which we can access and download to our mobile phone.  Mind Space is currently designing a series of apps for your mobile phone – they will help you to experience peace within your life.

Recently I have been looking around at different app stores, one app in particular stood out – which is seen as quite clever but will illustrate the point made below.

The app. is designed so that when you park your car it registers where you have parked your car – so  when you return to a busy car park it will show you exactly where your car is.
Sometimes even in a small car park we can forget where the car is parked – ever had that experience?

So this app will remember for you – nevermind cultivating mindfulness and improving our memory this app will offer that service for you.

Mindfulness is like a mental muscle we need to train it if its going to work well. Relying on apps to do this looks like it is improving the quality of our life but actually subtly can be reducing the quality of our mind and thereby our life.  Of course like anything it depends on the intention we have when using it.

However for as many convenience apps there are available for your phone there are also apps to help improve memory and mindfulness.

Technology is increasing in our world – I believe whether this benefits the world depends on how we use it not so much the technology itself.

Most importantly how can we use technology to improve the quality of our own and others minds….

Written by Adam Dacey
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