A few thoughts..

We have seen the UK taking a step in a slightly different direction to many of the European states with a decision to distance themselves from EU involvement.

This post is not of a political nature and is neither for or against this decision – it’s just this news made me think about two different extremes of mind.

1) The mind that isolates oneself from the world around us.
2) The mind that is continuously looking for connections, networks and relationships

Often one can lead to the other.

We can be sitting in the middle of a large network on F.B with a 1000 friends, out with a group of many friends, hanging out at a family gathering & feel alone.

On the other hand we can be walking alone on the top of a mountain and feel connected to the whole world…depends on the mind.

The latest trend on Facebook is un-friending!

Ruthlessly going through your list of friends and un-friending those people from school you have seen for over a decade.

The internet can be a great tool for networking and building bridge between communities – it can also be a platform for isolation – all depending on how we use it.

The need for acknowledgement is often central to the human psyche – and can make us feel less isolated….It takes courage to stand up for your thoughts and intentions when it seems everybody else is going the other way.

What would you prefer: popularity, acceptance & acknowledgment by society or… to stand up for and follow what you believe in which may take you in a different direction from the masses.

The greatest change in society arises when someone makes a stand, thinks for themselves and moves forward in a new way

Loneliness is a state of mind – a mind with the shutters closed, it’s often self-perpetuating and is an experience feared by those who say yes when they are not sure or really mean no.

My friend moved to London to be in thick of it.
For the first few months she felt so lonely – isolated, unacknowledged, pushed to one side.  She survived by following suit with the mainstream – head down, competitive burners on…

We can bring new people into our life simply by looking up & around acknowledging and saying hello!

The old phrase ‘together we are stronger’ has some merit – but we could also say ‘together we are more confused’…too many master chefs in the kitchen…

Written by Adam Dacey
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