This week we had a Meditation in Schools workshops with a group of people learning about the Meditation in Schools project.

These sessions are of a practical nature and show practitioners who are interested in meditation how they can contribute to the Meditation in Schools project.

My experience now of running these sessions and bringing Meditation to Schools is that it is a natural wish for people who already have experience of meditation in their own lives to want to bring it to children and students.

When you realize and appreciate the great benefits that arise from Meditation then you always think what would my life have been like if I had learned earlier.

Offering a child access to meditation is one of the kindest most special gifts that you can give to them.

They may not use the techniques straight away but they have at their disposal an incredibly powerful tool which they can turn to throughout their life.

How kind for schools and teachers to offer this to students from an early age!

My own passion and desire to bring Meditation to Schools came as a result of  having to travel all the way to Nepal to stumble across meditation.

When I finished college I spent 6 months Teaching English in Nepal and it was here that I discovered the practice of meditation.  If I hadn’t traveled there, I may not have learnt or discovered how to meditate.

Sometime people think that you need to travel East to discover meditation – this is false. Meditation is a global activity and can be learnt in the classroom where you learn how to read, count and write – if it is made available.

The Meditation in Schools Project is motivated to making this happen.

Watch feedback from students who have engage in the Meditation in Schools project here.