Mind Space ran a Meditation session for the University Staff at the Business School in Wolverhampton discover how they found it:

Invite a Mind Space speaker to your University/School to deliver a meditation session.

I enjoyed it very much..personally, I think a 30-40 minute session would have been more beneficial. However, with the shorter period of time, I learned how to concentrate and control my own mind, I found it helped me to relax, and create an inner peace of mind. I loved it.

Would it be worth you considering doing a regular lunch time session?

I think it would have been better if we had a more comfortable room.

I thought the session was very helpful, it was quite enlightening. Without a doubt I think staff would find this valuable, I think it should be on the staff timetable as a compulsory activity!

I went into this a bit cynical, because its not really my cup of tea and I was a bit – oh my gosh have I really got to shut my eyes in front of my colleagues in the business school, but it was quite nice and an opportunity to not think about anything at all, which was a novelty. I found it very interesting & useful, I also found it particularly easy to use and do at any time during the day, the moment you can find a few minutes you do come out refreshed and with recharged batteries.

I could see the benefits for other people who might need to have some sort of skills and tips to be able to take themselves out of a stressful situation and realign their thought processes and patterns, but I am not sure its for me.

I think the problem would be for us, that you don’t have enough time for yourself, let alone enough time for yourself to do nothing? so it would be a bit of a step, but it was good.

Students hit a very stressful zone around hand in times and that stress does overlap to all of us & I think students and staff should have some access to stress management techniques to get through the difficult periods.

To me the more I did it, then the better I would feel about it I do think it is something that if you made a habit it would become quite natural.

Invite a Mind Space speaker to your University/School to deliver a meditation session.