Sitting with a group of people I hardly new, I closed my eyes and prepared to
meditate for my first time proper. Being my childish self, my first instinct was to
giggle, to laugh out loud at the awkwardness and the strange site that might have
looked to the outsider like everybody in this particular meeting had decided to
suddenly fall asleep en masse (this has never happened at any meetings I have been
to before, although I have been tempted) . After getting over myself and coming to
the realisation that I am in fact in my 30s and no longer a school boy with a
depleting attention span, I decided to focus on the job in hand, to let go of the
anxieties and the oddity of the position I found myself in. As I tried to transfer
tensions from my limbs to the ground, as instructed by Adam from Mind Space, I
battled with concentration and wondering thoughts. After around what must have been
5 or 8 minutes, I had actually shaken some of those tensions and found myself in a
nice, truly relaxed space. I had momentarily forgot the other people’s presence in
the room (although this did creep back in intermittently) and managed to turn in on
myself a little. The 20 minutes went by quite easily indeed and I thought that I
might just have a go at this again some time. When I awoke, though I was not asleep,
I felt wonderfully relaxed, a feeling that I might compare to drifting in and out of
sleep on a Saturday afternoon, sun shining threw a gap in the curtains with a good
record humming out at exactly the right level. I don’t get chance to do that
anymore, I have a small child. I can really see that by giving yourself this time
and room, you can shake some of the niggling stresses that pile up as a general
result of just living. It is something I would very much like to learn more about
and try again, I feel it has great potential for me and could provide a little calm
in a very busy life.

Thank you Mind Space for locating a little space left in my mind.

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