Read an article that introduces this day here.   30/11/11

Here are testimonials from several members who experienced meditation here.

I was apprehensive before taking part in the session. Not because I’m nervous of doing meditation, but because I’m a naturally busy person, constantly going from one project to the next. When I saw that meditation was on the agenda my thought was ” I haven’t got 20 minutes to spend on this activity and it won’t help me get my work done for the day”. However I gave it a go. During the meditation I relaxed, but could not switch off completely and kept thinking about lists of things to do, conversations I had just had with people, and imagined my colleagues clock watching back in the office, probably thinking “what time is she going to bother coming in today” After doing the activity I felt relaxed, recharged, and stronger. It was definitely worth taking those few minutes out of my busy schedule just to stop and do nothing. If only managers in organizations would allow their employees to do more meditation!


I found this session wonderful, I rarely have experienced guided meditation and found it very useful in totally relaxing very quickly – found I had almost completely relaxed and already started on concentrating on my breathing well before you got to that point. What was most interesting about the experience was that due to the large number of people many whom I am sure have never meditated before there was a beautiful energy flow and sense of calm throughout the whole room. I feel everyone benefited from the experience, and certainly shifted my headache for a couple of hours. All in all a very enjoyable experience thank you :o)