Yesterday I was invited to a meeting of representatives from local volunteer and charity organizations – hosted at the WCRFM

A pleasure to make connections with such inspirational people in the area.

They wanted an introduction to Mind Space and a guided meditation.

I find no pleasure greater than bringing meditation to people who have not meditated before and introducing it in settings where there has been no previous practice.

We all sat around a large conference table – around 25 people; I introduced the work that Mind Space is doing and explained the process of practicing meditation.

We then sat for around 20 minutes engaged in meditation.

Parts of the meditation was spoken, guided instruction but lots of space also for them to enjoy the silence they had created.

There was a special atmosphere created in the room a positive experience for everybody to take with into the rest of the day.

There was a representative from the local blind centre – he enjoyed the session and had come with his guide dog.   The guide dog was incredibly well-behaved and quiet – apart from the occasional contented chew!   The dog seemed to enjoy the session and had a slightly glazed look at the end.  At the end of the meeting I went over to greet the dog and tell him what a good job he had done during the session…

My first experience of  guiding a session with a dog attending – and hopefully not the last.

The guy from the blind centre said that he hopes that we can come and visit the centre and deliver some sessions for their group…

After the session we had a group discussion about the benefits of meditation and the importance of bringing silence into our day.

What would the world look like now if during every meeting there was a period of meditation and silence?!