I took a taxi today from my apartment to the railway station.

The taxi driver and myself engaged in friendly banter on the 2 mile journey through the city.

Towards the end of the conversation he said “so what do you do then?”

When people ask me this question I usually have several different ways of responding…

Me: A director.
Taxi Driver: Ah a director of what?
Me:  A director of peace.
Taxi Driver: Peeeeeeeeeece.
Me: Yes peace.
Taxi Driver: That is a difficult job, our world is crazy – peace is not easy to accomplish.
Me: Yes, sometimes being a taxi driver is a difficult job as well.
Taxi Driver: Yes true – but peace – let me tell you that is not easy in this world!

We laughed shook hands and he went on his way.

What world was he talking about?

Our worlds are connected and similar, but each persons world is unique to them.

Our opinions, views and intentions shape our existence and create the world that appears to our mind.