Mind Space Meditation in a non profit making Social Enterprise.

We have no religious or political affiliations.

The sessions are engaging and can include guided meditations, teaching,
discussion and team play - depending on the time and length of the

There are a variety of online resources that we can offer to the school to
help support the program.

The guided meditations that we teach to begin with are based around the
Classical Breathing Meditation:

The meditation workshops are suitable for children aged 7-18.

For the older children who have optional lessons its good that they can
choose to opt in to attend the sessions. This will require a taster
session for them to decide if its something for them  or a presence at a
elective fayre.

We also offer the sessions to members of staff.

The sessions can range from 30 minutes to a full day.

We can run taster sessions, small assemblies, a 6 week course or a rolling
series of workshops throughout the year.

We suggest that the school makes a donation to Mind Space (depending upon
the amount of sessions) so that they can receive more resources and
support the program reaching more people.

Contact us for more information.