Today Mind Space has come to Gordano School in Portishead, Bristol to find out how the students at the school have been enjoying a 6 week meditation course.

We will be discussing with the students their thoughts, ideas and experiences of the program thus far. We will pass this onto you in the form of a video/audio documentary.

What do they think of the meditation sessions?
Is it a tool that they will use in the future?
Do they have any suggestions on improvements that can be made to the meditation sessions that they have just experienced.

We’ll find out soon….

Gordano school are very much one step ahead of the game and are pioneering this Meditation program.  Not only are we running a series of 6 weekly classes within the school, but the students  who are attending decided from their own side to join the session.

Traditionally this is how meditation works – there has to be a spark of interest and a proactive intention. The students at Gordano certainly have this.

More to follow…