Yesterday I delivered two talks on behalf of Water Aid.

Usually these talks take place in schools – this time however I was talking in two churches during their harvest service.

All the monies taken from the Harvest would be donated to Water Aid. Members of the congregation baked home-made pies and brought in home-grown vegetables.  A delight for the eye, a table full of fresh food donated by the community, then bought by the same community all supporting the developing global community to have access to clean water and sanitation.

The service took around 45 minutes with the Water Aid talk taking up around 20 minutes.  I shared with the congregation the incredible work Water Aid is accomplishing throughout the world & where their monies would be going.

Water Aid state that £15 will provide one person with access to clean water and sanitation.

It has been many years since I have sat through a Christian service. Those of you who are familiar, will know there is a point during the service where you turn to the congregation and express your wishes for them to be at peace  “peace be with you”.

You greet as many people as you can – shake their hands look into their eye and say “peace be with you.”
A beautiful moment to share.

In Arabic they say ‘As-Salamu `Alaykum’  meaning the same.

In Nepal they say ‘Namaste’ and clasp their hands together at their heart – ‘from my heart to yours’
Very beautiful expressions of the heart.

People of faith make prayers for others to be at peace.

Prayer is often misunderstood and is looked down on by modern day critical thinkers.

In Tibetan the word for prayer is Monlam which is literally translated as ’a wish’.

To wish for someone to be at peace…is a prayer.    To wish, that’s all.

Why do we have to wait till  someone dies before we wish peace upon them?

“Peace be with you.”

Written by Adam Dacey
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