Worry disturbs the mind making it impossible to be serene and calm.

On the surface it appears that worry is caused by independent happenings we are subjected to in our life.

Upon a closer examination we can see that the main cause of worry is movement in the mind.

Our mind is like water it follows a direction it iss familiar with, because the mind is used to moving it does so – this manifests in our mind as worry.

Worry is a habit and once we take up the habit, like any ingrained tendency it’s difficult to drop.

Sometimes the habit of worry is difficult to spot  in the busyness of daily life; subtly manifesting itself as a frown on the forehead or a tenseness in the shoulders.

Meditation is a special method to reduce the worry in our mind.

To reduce worry in the mind and experience serenity we do not need to:

  • change or manoeuvre an external circumstances in our life.
  • go and see an expert who can help us figure out why we are worrying.
  • spend money on a new piece of technology.

We simply need to still the mind through concentration.

The process of correct meditation naturally brings stillness and peace to the mind.

We will come to know this to be irrefragable through our own experience.

Through quietly engaging in a regular meditation practice we will be able to naturally reduce worry and experience an inner serenity.

Written by Adam Dacey
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