Dear friends welcome to the first of the Fourteen Meditations you will practice over the next two weeks.

Thank you for subscribing to this course which I hope will give you a deep taste of the power of meditation and how it can help you to experience peace and transformation.

The first meditation which you can practice below is a good way to start meditating – ‘Deep Relaxation’.

A special method to help us relax the body and mind.

When we meditate we need a suitable vessel for our mind – this is our body, our body needs to be relaxed and still, with our muscles relaxed, then we are in a position to forget about it and focus on working with our mind.

This meditation below is for 15 minutes (like all the meditations in this series) and will give you an opportunity to engage in this Deep Relaxation.

In this series each meditation will lead onto the next so try to remember your experience during the day and carry into the following session.

Meditation is a wonderful method for bringing peace into our life – try to integrate any experience you have in meditation into your life and share with all those around you.

Remember you are never meditating alone but surrounded by people from all over world, engaged in  this special discipline for bringing much needed peace to our lives.

Enjoy your first session and day and I will see you tomorrow – same time!

Any questions that you have about this Meditation Challenge please contact us here.