Join thousands throughout the world on March1st, 2012 for the 14 Day Meditation Challenge

Join our Fourteen Day Meditation Challenge (free of charge)  – ‘because you deserve peace.’

This is a wonderful method for you to establish a regular meditation practice in your life.

Watch the video below for more information.

To subscribe for this series simply send us an e-mail with the subject. ‘Subscribe to Peace’


Its only through practicing meditation regularly that you can experience and grow in your practice.

Some of you may have tried this series back in December, for some it may be a new experience, regardless of which, make the most of this opportunity.

Share also with your friends and family by letting them know, forwarding or sharing the information on Facebook/Twitter.

The program is free and will consist of 14, 15 minute meditations sent to you each morning .

All you will need from your side is an internet connection and some headphones.

What better way to start the New Year?

Last year we had a lot of positive feedback about the course – here is what Chris from Streetly said:

“I have tried various meditation tapes and techniques on and off over the years,to help with back problems and general problems. I recently started the 14 day online guided meditation by Mind Space. I can say without doubt that it is the most effective guided meditation that I’ve done.

The lessons are just the right length to be able to fit them into what ever schedule you have, with each lesson expanding on the previous lesson the course moves forward at a pace that doesn’t overload you. Each lesson contains very useful and effective visualization techniques with phrases that you can say to yourself throughout the day.

Already I have noticed a general decrease in the tension in my body and feel a lot calmer.
I would recommend trying this course to anyone and hope that they get the same benefit i have”

To subscribe for this series simply send us an e-mail with the subject. ‘Subscribe to Peace’

The day before the program starts you will receive an Introductory video to watch explaining the series of meditation.