Mindfulness and Meditation ebook

” ‘Inner Revolution’ is a very stimulating read – lots of food for thought- nice photographs too!”

This publication has been written with the intention to raise money for Oxfam and to share a series of articles around the subject of Inner Revolution with the entire world.

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Here is the introduction to the publication

“The spirit of revolution is strong – why not turn the revolution inwards towards the negativity within our minds. The negativity that lurks within us is what is responsible for all the issues we experience.
All the problems that we see in the world can be traced back to anger, desire and confusion.
Arising out of these emotions we see war, environmental issues, poverty and so forth.

It is oh so easy to spend energy in pointing ones finger to the world outside and proclaiming this must change or this person should alter their behavior – although the blaming process is easy the results from this approach are limited. It is far more constructive to look within ones own mind and to create change.

Some meditators each year celebrate a “change your mind day.” Why not have this everyday?!
To revolt against the negativity within, that disturbs our mind. The practice of Meditation helps us to discover in a constructive manner what is taking place in our mind – what is at the root of our problems and to gently and peacefully take this out. The articles shared in this e-book illuminate how it is possible to take a meditative perspective…it always is. The more we do the more peaceful and happy we will be. We can then share this experience with all those around us.”