Mind Space Celebrating USA Independence Day with the release of the ‘Reduce Stress’ Soundtrack on CD

  – £5.99 (incl.P&P)

Sit back and allow the sounds of the Agent Dale Trios guitars, flute, pianos and harp take you to a place of peace.

This music was used in the hugely popular online meditation series ‘Reduce Stress’  (which included Guided Meditations & Tutorials made available for free to the world via YouTube)

Track List

1) Reduce Stress – An Introduction

2) Meditations to Reduce Stress

3) Stay Calm and Carry On

4) Reduce Stress, Worry Less

5) The Stress Free Zone

6) Don’t Manage It – Bust it

7) The Reduce Stress, Worry Less Song

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Performed by the ‘Agent Dale Trio’
Composed by Colombia Lobon
Recorded at the Cherry Pie Studios – Black Country
A Mind Space Production