Walking along the local canal last night I saw this barge and it triggered this!!

At the start of the year resolutions and determinations are made.

How are they going now?  Almost 3 months in…

Resolutions can guide our mind to new improved spaces – they can guide our life in an exciting different direction.

Resolutions are most often made about something outside of our mind.

To get a new job, promotion.
To loose weight, become healthier.
To find a partner or get married.
To travel to some new countries.
Learn a language…..

Resolutions that are substantial  we can try to get our teeth into.

Do they change our life?

To some degree they can do – what we find though is whatever changes/improvements that are made to our life – we have to take our mind along with us!

These changes can rub off a little onto our mind – after a workout in the gym we may feel a little more energetic and confident – it doesn’t however change our mind.

To change our mind we need to work with it directly – through meditation.

Creating Resolutions to Transform our Mind.

Why is this important?

If we can transform our mind – then naturally the world that we see will transform.

Change can come from within.

This type of change is more subtle and may appear (on the surface) less substantial than changing the color of the walls in our house.

However if you look beneath the surface and experiment with meditation, you will start to discover how making internal changes in meditation can have a powerful effect on your well being and life.

My friend said to me the other day – they wanted to get everything right first in their life, before they began to meditate – their career, relationships, financial situation.

During the conversation they realized how this would not work – trying to get things right is a never ending process.

Learning to meditate within the middle of a busy life is that way to get things right not waiting till the right time – otherwise you may be waiting a long time.

In Meditation we can make resolutions and determinations and then keep renewing them both in and out of session.

For example we can make a resolution to be kinder to people in our life whilst meditating on an experience of loving kindness.

This becomes a determination – like any determination it will fade, so in Meditation we try to encourage the determination again and again until it becomes stronger, more powerful and  it has the strength to influence our thoughts and actions.

We don’t just have to make the resolution stronger in Meditation we can remember it during the day and put the decision and resolution into practice.

The more we practice then the more powerful the resolution becomes.