On the 14th July 2010 we visited Hill Crest School in Dudley to deliver a one day meditation workshop to a group of 22 Year 9 Students entitled: Healthy Minds & Social Enterprise

Here are some of the comments from the students who participated on this successful one day workshop:

How did you find the session?

“It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.”

“Anybody can meditate!”

“Meditation can help you to concentrate”

“Meditation helps you draw closer to yourself”

“Meditation helps you to become stress free with nothing to worry about”

“It makes you relax”

“It makes you happy”

“It makes you stress free”

“More positive in yourself”

“It makes you confident”

“Makes you change your mood”

“It makes the atmosphere change”

“Gives you patience”

“Makes you love each other”