I’ve listened to most of the meditation videos on youtube. Just came across yours and think they might be the best. I really love how they are not rushed, and you take your time. The pauses you give are just as powerful as the words. Thank you for your contribution, and I look forward to your future videos, the longer the better. Best of luck to you.

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring to the very soul. Music spot on!!!


I love the clarity of your instructions and the way the 14 day challenge helps establish a definite time and keeps you on track to return. Brilliant idea! I would definitely recommend these to people with a little bit more experience. Many thanks!

Experienced your Blue sky meditation on YouTube – very similar, consistent guides. I recognize your voice which is comforting!

Love this one! Thanks for getting my week off to a good start!
(Meditation 5)
Great stuff, I look forward to the next 13.  ?Phil

This is so relaxing!!! Thank you so much! 🙂

Excellent, totally relaxing, can’t wait for the 2nd mediation tomorrow.

Another good med. I had very stressful day today, & this med helped enormously.?I liked focusing on my breathing; it felt ‘intimate’ ..it was just me & the breathing.?Thank you.

Every time I do the meditation, it gets better & better. Thank you for being there. It seems that I have found the meditation most suited for me, at a time that is right for me.

More people need to hear this meditation. I’m already looking forward to med #5….

Just fabulous…soooo relaxing…time for bed now…..

Love it, thank you! Just to let you know my four year old joined me in meditation this morning. She said it was very good too!

As usual, just great. I feel when I’m meditating that I’m ‘travelling’ in some way, it’s hard to explain, but it’s a physical sensation. Thank you, again.

Such an effective meditation, thank you.

Fabulous! Thank you for helping with my mediations

great video/audio series

Really like the breathing breathing meditation. Many thanks.

Beautiful, relaxing meditation, thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience this free and enlightening introductory meditation practice course. It has helped me to establish a regular practice time (although I did miss my bus a couple of times!) I agree with your advice given on the day 14 meditation and know that it will encourage and strengthen many to explore and discover for themselves the vast benefits of meditation practice.

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