Proving to be very popular is mindspace on iTunes – Guided Meditations for your iPod.

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Here is what folk have been saying….

‘I found it very useful to release pent-up stress.  It has become a staple on my play list.  Highly recommended.’

‘Very relaxing calm voice, which flowed gently through each meditation guiding me to inner peace.’

‘The music track also provided an opportunity for deep relaxation.’

‘An absolute bargain, highly recommended for anyone wanting to reduce stress.

‘This meditation is excellent!’

‘I found it very relaxing.’

‘The guys voice seems to send me into a deep relaxed state.’

‘I downloaded it and listened to it at the end of most days, which brings me down to earth again.’

‘The meditation with the music was best for me, so I listen to it most days. Highly recommended.’

‘Yes I had a stressful day until I listened to these deeply relaxing meditations.’

‘The guiding voice was very calm and balanced with a clear tone leading me to a place of inner peace.’

‘Whenever I am looking for Mind Space I will turn to these meditations.’

‘I am not used to meditating with music but the “Heal the Body and Mind Track” was particularly useful – its price also makes it very accessible’.

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