You can start your meditation on a chair with a cushion supporting your back if necessary.
Or you can sit on the floor in the traditional cross-legged position. (Watch Meditation posture video here)

Whichever way you choose to start, the most important aspect is to keep a straight back not rigidly straight, just so we stay attentive and alert.

Tilt your head slightly down, rest your hands in your lap and gently close your eyes – if you feel tired or sleepy then open your eyes a little to let light in.

If you’re on a chair its good to keep both feet on the floor, not crossed.

If  you’re sitting on the floor then to begin with sit on a cushion and make sure that your hips are higher than our knees.

Your knees if possible should touch the floor – if your find this uncomfortable then you can prop up one of your knees with a cushion.

Most importantly however, is that we feel comfortable, alert and relaxed.

It’s good to try to and still our self physically before we meditate, not to the point of experiencing great discomfort – if you have a lot of pain in your body and need to move then move, it doesn’t help to endure discomfort to the point of distraction!

When we have settled into a comfortable posture then we can start to try to disengage our mind from distractions and thoughts from the day.

We can do this by mentally gathering our attention into the centre of our body – try to reel in all thoughts that take you to the external world and instead gather your thoughts within, as you do this allow the world outside of you to gradually melt away and dissolve into empty space. If you wish to be guided through a mediation then click here


Watch a video about the Meditation posture