At the beginning of the most ambitious, creative cinematic experience ever created, there is a dialogue which involves scientists saying to Jake a paraplegic – former marine “how would you like a fresh start in a new world?” he accepts the offer.

If you were offered the opportunity ‘for a fresh start in a new world?’ What would you say? What would race through your mind?

A fresh start sounds good – physically we can do that by showering each day, we feel better for it, what about mentally?
A new mind?
A new world?
Where do these things come from?

We can put on our 3D glasses for nearly three hours and step into a three dimensional world – but then when the credits come we end up in the car park driving home in what can sometime seem a less exciting, magical world, its still in 3D mind you.

Where does a new mind, a new world come from? – Meditation.

Meditation works directly with your mind – correct meditation can change, improve, enhance and enlighten your mind; not necessarily as quick as walking into a 3D Film, but over time the effects can be greater and more long lasting.  In reality we live in a 3D world that is created by the projector of our own mind.

Change your mind, change the world.

The world that appears to the mind will change if the mind is developed in meditation – every time we arise from meditation we step into a new world – “but it looks the same” – perhaps…we need to remember that appearances are deceptive. If we look beneath the surface then we can see change takes place – overtime with steady, consistent effort we will discover new worlds, before our very eyes.

We can be the director, producer, screen writer etc of our own personal cinematic 3D world and have much more fun than a short stint at the cinema with 3D glasses on….