We visited Hill Crest School in Dudley to deliver a one day meditation workshop to a group of 22 Year 9 Students entitled: Healthy Minds & Social Enterprise

Here are some of the comments from the students who participated on this successful one day workshop:

How did you find the session?

“It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.”

“Anybody can meditate!”

“Meditation can help you to concentrate”

“Meditation helps you draw closer to yourself”

“Meditation helps you to become stress free with nothing to worry about”

Mind Space’s visited  Queen Mary’s Grammar Girls School to introduce the practice of Meditation to Year 12 Students

A group of 120 students and staff and several distinguished members of the local community all had the opportunity to be guided through a guided meditation.  Many of the students found calm within and enjoyed the session.


Mind Space visited Aldridge School to introduce the practice of Meditation to Year 10 students.

The sessions included an introduction to meditation, 10 minutes of guided meditation and an opportunity to explore creative communication techniques.  There were four separate groups with around 40 students in each group.  Responding exceptionally well to the practices to the delight of some of the teachers!

Out of around 150 students – 50% would like to experience the session and meditate again.

When asked: ” Do you think meditation would help your work and studies”    the answer that came back from the group was “Yes it would help set your mind more to work”

Here are some of the things they said about the sessions at the end.

Mentally Challenging
Felt sleepy
Was something different
Opportunity to focus

Some of the students  found it a little difficult and unusual but nevertheless enjoyed the experience – some found it funny as it was the first time they had engaged in such practices.