A testimonial from a lady undergoing Radiotherapy treatment

Having been diagnosed with primary breast cancer, I had to undergo a course of radiotherapy following surgery.  While this is a  completely painless procedure, the whole experience can be a little daunting for the new patient, not to mention slightly uncomfortable in that the patient has to lie completely still while the “settings” are put in place in preparation for the radiation. So total immobility is key to pinpoint accuracy for successful radiotherapy. Once the radiation is administered lying so still for what seems a lot longer than it is, can be quite uncomfortable, and in my case, I kept hoping I wouldn’t get an urge to scratch an itch or something, so I felt I had to try to detach myself from this train of thought. 

I had seen Mindspace’s website and listened to the method of  “getting outside” myself in meditation.  While being a total novice at this I tried to follow his instruction and found I could actually do this while lying under the machine. It enabled me to be totally relaxed and able to forget the discomfort of lying on a very hard bed, and no unnecessary thoughts crowded into my mind, such as worrying (unnecessarily) about wanting to scratch imaginary itches! It provided a useful tool in dealing with the process.


From the Business Meditation Sessions

Fresh burst of energy for the afternoon – most important part of the day, opens up channels for fresh thought.
Communication Engineer for BT

Helpful to be quiet, a new experience!
HR Advisor & Personnel Officer


I felt very relaxed throughout and was surprised to see 25 mins had passed so swiftly.  I intend to take part in the Mind Space sessions on a regular basis and intend to allow my team to come along as I believe we will all benefit from the stress relief.
Dean Mitchell  Director of  Commercial Photography company


After this mornings session with Mind Space, I feel fully relaxed and now am committed to starting my days work with a clear mind.
Paul Power Director at Deadly Graphics


I found it to be very therapeutic and a good start to the day.
Thomas Mayman – Director of IT & Web consultancy

I was relaxed enough for the time to fly by. A sign of how relaxed I had become.  I became aware of my breaths becoming prolonged, with the exhale a nice release of bad vibes.
Marcus Smart – Director of IT & Web company in Wolverhampton


From Community Classes

Completely at rest…
Keith Axton – Shipping and Transport & Volunteer



Very calming, found a sense of peace
Vivian Russel – Educational Consultant


After my first Mind Space meditation, I felt very peaceful. Situated in a comfortable room the atmosphere was friendly and very relaxing.The effects of the meditation which was very simple to do continued for a long time and left me feeling calm and happy. Meditation will definitely be a part of my life from now on.
Helen Rose –  Teacher & Mum

A very relaxing hour to myself in relaxing surroundings with a great chance to meet up with like-minded people.
Angela Devi – Mental Health Advisory Officer & Single Mum

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