Discover upcoming retreats in 2019/20

Listed by The Metro Newspaper as one of the top Mindfulness retreats in the world.  Come and discover for yourself.  Book a seat or buy a unique present for someone special.  Discover all the retreats and dates that we currently offer below in locations such as: The Malvern Hills,  The Lake District, Cannock Chase, Tuscany, London, and Solihull; you deserve a holiday for the mind, hope to see you soon!  For weekly classes across the West Midlands then please click here.


For weekly classes across the West Midlands starting week beginning Monday September 16th, please click here


CANNOCK CHASE:  Saturday, September 28th, 2019. Blissful Mind. Guided Meditations to encourage inner bliss.  (9 places available)


LAKE DISTRICT:  11th October – 13th October 2019. Zen Mindfulness Weekend Retreat (Two places now available).

MALVERN HILLS Sunday, October 20th.  Silent Meditation Retreat.  Awaking our Potential (9 places available) 

SOLIHULL:  Saturday, October 26th.  Mindful Meditation. Half Day Retreat. (9 places available)

CANNOCK CHASE:  Sunday, October 27th, 2019. Happy Mind.
Mindful meditations to encourage and grow positivity. (places available)


Richmond, LONDON: Saturday, November 10th. Silent Retreat. Deepen your Concentration  -Guide to the Mindful Way of Life. (places available).

Retreats for 2020:


Mindspace Term starts:
Week beginning, January 6th, 2020:

CANNOCK CHASE: Saturday January 25th, 2020 
Mindful Meditations: A beginners guide to mindfulness (places available).


CANNOCK CHASE: Sunday 1st March, 2020 
Zen Mind: Meditations to arrive in the present moment (places available).

TUSCANY:  30th March – 4th April 2020. Letting Go. Mindful Meditation Retreat (8 People Booked, 12 Places left, booking here)


Mindspace Term starts:
Week beginning, April 20th, 2020

CANNOCK CHASE: Saturday 25th April, 2020 
Gratitude and Happiness: Guided gratitude meditations (places available).




CANNOCK CHASE: Saturday 30th May, 2020 
Guide to the Peaceful Way of Life:
Deepen your experience of inner peace (places available).


LAKE DISTRICT:  5th June – 7th June 2020. Guide to the Grateful Way of Life ( places left)


CANNOCK CHASE: Saturday August 29th, 2020 
Inner Bliss: Guided meditations to increase the bliss in our mind (places available).


Mindspace Term starts:
Week beginning, September 14th, 2020


CANNOCK CHASE: Saturday September 26th, 2020 
Positive Mind: Guided meditations to strengthen our positive mind (places available)


LAKE DISTRICT:  9th October – 11th October 2019. Meditations on Compassion (places available).

CANNOCK CHASE: Sunday October 25th, 2020 
 Fearless: Guided meditations to reduce fear in our mind (places available)


THAILAND:  14th November – 19th November 2020. Our Extraordinary Potential. Mindful Meditation Retreat (details and booking soon, please express your interest here).